Sunday, January 21, 2018

stump grinding

What is stump grinding exactly?

What remains after a tree has been properly removed is the unsightly stump. And if you have a stump on your property in Temecula or Murrieta, then you’re probably ready to get rid of it. Please give us a call.

The most popular removal method is stump grinding. A stump grinder is a machine that removes tree stumps by chipping away the wood via a rotating cutting disk that grinds the wood into small chips. Stump grinders range in size from a lawn mower to a large truck. After cutting down your tree or palm, your still left with a stump that needs to be removed as the chainsaw will only cut so low. You want to remove this especially if you want to reseed the area with grass or eventually plant back something in the same general location. To remove the stump you need specialized equipment and a trained qualified operator.

The stump grinder makes small cuts in a back and forth sweeping motion horizontal to the stump slowly reducing it down to below ground level. Under normal conditions we grind the stump down approximately 8 to 10 Inches beneath the ground. ELM Tree Care has the training and proper equipment to safely remove all sizes of stumps.

big_stump_grinderThis is our larger machine we use to remove Big stumps. The Vermeer SC552 stump cutter is designed to enhance cutting and has the ability to maneuver through tough jobsite conditions. A unique four-bar linkage allows the cutter wheel to move away from the machine as the boom drops down toward the stump, reducing the need to reposition the entire unit. This machine can achieve cutting heights of 31” (78.7 cm) above ground and 25” (63.5 cm) below grade. The four wheel drive and variable speed control gives the SC552 traction in difficult ground conditions and, an optional remote provides propel, boom and steering function control. Chips can be easily moved on the jobsite with the standard 34” (86.4 cm) wide front-mounted chip blade.

small_stump_grinderThis is our smaller machine we use to get into most back yards. With a focus on ease-of-operation, the compact design of the Vermeer SC30TX offers intuitive controls, minimal service points and the performance of a machine that gets the job done. The modified operator presence handle design is now manufactured with a harder exterior to improve wear and appearance. This user-friendly handle system provides additional capacitance sensing capability and is intended to help protect the operator.

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